Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Growing Police State - Republican Edition

Here.  Go take a look at this.  I'll wait.

Here we have Republicans, thinking they're working for the good of the country, I'm sure, who are, in fact, just providing yet another way for the Federal Government to track its citizenry.  This should not be allowed to stand.

Call your Representative and tell them to vote 'NO' on HR3523.

I do not wish to live in a state, the motto of which could be "The Innocent Have Nothing to Hide."  I want to live in a state the motto of which is, "We have to be pretty sure you've committed, or are going to commit, a crime before we can even ask what color your hair is."

"Secure in their persons and papers," anyone?  Have any of these people even read the Constitution?

When even the so-called 'Conservative' party abandons the Constitution for their agenda, what are we supposed to do?

No.  Really, if somebody has a good answer, I'd love to hear it, because I'm running out of ideas.

Update: It passed the House.  Now on to the Senate.  Please, call your Senators and oppose HR3523.

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