Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Pioneer Project: Hitch Up Your Wagon

In my previous post, I introduced the Pioneer Project.  I provided what is, in essence, our Mission Document.  It's all high-minded and noble, and not very helpful on a practical scale.

So, what -in real world terms- is the Pioneer Project?

Well, the website is mainly a forum.  The point is to have a place where we can discuss a variety of topics from the best/most cost-efficient way to reload ammunition to finding someone who can help you learn how to weld.  We'll also be a sounding board for personal project ideas, and find a way to channel help from those who wish to help to those who need the help.

"Help" here can be advice, monetary, or material support.

To get into the forum, you'll need to register first.  There are Reasons we made that decision, but the upshot is we don't want Derp (people from the HQ will get that reference- I'm fairly certain the rest of you can figure it out).

Once there, very little is off limits.  If an Admin/Moderator asks you to drop a topic, then drop the topic.  Short of really out there racist/bigoted crap (and none of y'all would bring that, would you? Would you?) I can't think of anything that we're going to ask you not to talk about.

Beyond the website- on the other side of the computer- is a community of people who want to weather the storm our politicians have cooked up.  Look for some people to start farming- and ask for help to get started.  Look for others to ask for help learning to fix cars, or machine parts.  Heck, maybe you want to learn one of those things.  Ask, and we'll see if we can get you an answer.

And remember, just like those Pioneers of yester-year: we don't have anyone in authority coming to rescue us.  We're striking out on our own for a reason, after all.

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