Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Evil at the VA

Or: An early look at ObamaCare "Death Panels"

This Story is by Becky Oliver at Fox 4 here in DFW.  Go read it: seriously.

For those too impatient- a veteran noticed a lump under his arm, and tried to get care via the VA.  Because of their bureaucratic run-around, his treatment was delayed by 4 months.  That delay was in treatment of Melanoma- a very agressive cancer.  It is very likely that, had he been seen initially and treated with current treatment options, he would not be a terminal patient today.

There's no way to know that, of course, but it's highly likely.

Now, first off- if you notice a lump or an odd mole or anything like that, and the answer you're given when you seek treatment is "you'll have to wait several months?"  Yeah, seek treatment elsewhere.

That said- how has this evil infested the VA?  And why should we believe that it won't infest ObamaCare?  I am virtually certain that no one at the VA looked at this veteran's chart and decided to let him die of cancer.  I'm certain it was all much more banal than that.  Indeed, it is the very banality of the evil that makes it so terrifying.  If someone had set out to deny this man, and his family for that matter, care, then there would be someone who could be made to answer for this.  Someone could be called out and made to answer.  Instead, it was simply "the process."

This comes as the VA is under scrutiny in Arizona, which is itself merely a symptom of a wider problem.  Up and down the VA there are stories of delayed care, sub-standard care, and simple neglect.  Such a culture can only exist if the man at the top allows it.  In this case, the man at the top is not Secretary Eric Shinseki.  Given the amount of time this has been going on, and the fact that Barack Obama specifically ran on "fixing" the VA, the "man at the top" is Barack Hussein Obama, that stuttering clusterf*ck of a malignant traitor.

If the SCOAMT cared about our Veterans, he would already have demanded Secretary Shinseki's resignation.  If he really cared about our Veterans, he would already be working to correct issues like this.  Instead he tries to handle like a "fake scandal," and rallies the Democrats around him to decry the "faux outrage."

No, the SCOAMT does not care about our Veterans- they are of no use to him.  And so it will be with your health care under ObamaCare.  There will be delays and bureaucracy instead of consultations and treatment.  When confronted with the consequences, responses like those featured in the linked story will be issued.

One other party is responsible for this- Republicans in Congress.  It is they who have refused to act as a check on Barack Obama's worst tendencies.  At every turn they choose to "wait for a better opportunity" or not to investigate at all.  How many opportunities have the Republicans had to pull the SCOAMT up short?  And every time they have refused because someone somewhere might be offended.

There is only one way to fix this culture of neglect and carelessness at the VA, and that is to remove the man at the top.  Not the Secretary of the VA- his boss.

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