Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Socialists, I want a Divorce

Dear Socialists,

Last night you and your ilk decided that your free stuff was more important than my Liberty.  You ask for compromise, but you're not interested in compromise.  Indeed, there can be no compromise between Liberty and Tyranny, and you voted for Tyranny. 

There is no room for compromise.  We're not talking about tax rates, where you think that (say) 50% is enough, and I think 10% is the right amount.  No, on taxation you believe that everything I make should belong to the government, and the government should simply return "what I need" to me.

There can be no "partial" freedom of speech.  Speech is either free or it is restricted.  This is a binary proposition, and your side wants speech to be restricted.

There can be no "partial" infringement of the right to bear arms.  My right to bear arms is either un-infringed, or infringed.  And your side wants it to be infringed.

There can be no "partial" security of my person and effects.  Either I am secure in my person, subject to full due process, or I am not.  And your side has voted "not."

These differences are irreconcilable.  There cannot be compromise on binary positions.  One side will have its way, or the other will.  I had hoped that, given four years of Barack Obama's obvious failures, and the increasing strife in Greece, you would come to see the sense of my position.  Yes, I want what I make to be mine; I want to control it fully.  In return, I want what you make to be yours, and for your to control it fully.  This has not happened.

Unlike between a man and his wife, there is counselor we can go see.  There is no "couples therapy" between Liberty and Tyranny. 

I want a divorce.

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  1. They voted for Europe and have not watched what Europe has become. Suicide! Sad. :(

    I clean floors for a living, and have watched the accounts I service lose business. Which means they cut back on my service. The last three years have seen my hours halved. I don't see any way that will change for the better. Not with a re-elected Fabian in the White House.