Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Freedom Day

I, along with about 100 other folks from two different precincts lined up outside Timberview High School (MISD) this morning, eager to exercise our sovereign franchise.

The line at 6:45 AM.  Many more would join us before the doors opened.

I can't say that, at 7 AM CST, the excitement was "palpable," but you could tell these were motivated folks.  How many were "broken glass" voters?  I couldn't say.  What I can say is the sight made me happy.

Since none of the campaigns ever called me back, my plan is to contact my local GOP today and see if they have some call-centers I can drop into.  I may make some phone calls, but mostly I'll be taking more pictures, and relaying the stories of those hard working folks trying restore Freedom and Liberty in America.

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