Thursday, February 9, 2012

Real World: Buyer's Remorse

Here: go read this.

First off: I don't believe a word of it.  She would have voted for ObamaCare anyway.  The only difference is that she might have extracted some other favor, too. 

That said: even if I believed her, it just proves how stupid (yep, that's the word I want) so many of our Representatives are.  Here was a 2000+ page bill, which no one had read, and which the entire country (even most of that part that wants Nationalized health care) was saying, "slow down, do it right."  Well, Representative Dahlkemper, I don't much care that you have buyer's remorse now.  You had a chance to side with Republicans in slowing down the ObamaCare mammoth.  You chose party and politics over policy and the People, and now I hope you pay for it with your seat.

The fact is that everyone already knew that the current HHS Ruling about the Catholic Church being forced to provide contraceptive medications, or something similar, was coming.  National Health care must, by its nature, force everyone to comply.  That's the only way it has any chance of working.  As long as anyone has any freedom to do anything, National Health care will not work.  From the Catholics choosing their methods of family planning (much more sophisticated than the "rhythm method" but similar in concept), to me deciding to eat a Cheeseburger with bacon, ketchup, and mustard (and french-fries, and a chocolate malt).  As long as we are free to do things our own way, there will not be parity.  Until there is parity, National Health care cannot produce what it has guaranteed- equality in health care.

When Health care is treated as a "Right" that means the Government must go to some lengths to ensure its provision.  When Government is in charge of its provision, Health care becomes another tool of the Government.  Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear understood, back when ObamaCare was being debated, that the bill would represent a fundamental shift in how health care was imagined and provided- and that anyone who interfered or conflicted with the Government's idea of health care would be forced to submit.  Given the nature of the people who implemented ObamaCare and their insane fetish for promiscuous sex without consequence, it is hardly surprising that they would force all health care providers- including private charities- to provide contraceptive medications.  To have assumed differently would have been most foolish.

So, Representative Dahlkemper, I'll say this with great relish: We told you so.  If you didn't want the Catholic Church interfered with, you should not have supported an idea that would inevitably lead to the subjugation of every health care provider in the nation.


  1. Allen, the linked article says she already lost her seat. So, why is this news now? Is she trying to win the seat back? Good luck with that.

    1. Honestly, I don't know. My point was more general, even though aimed at her.

      You're right, though: if she's already gone, and trying to get her seat back, that's not terribly likely unless her replacement has just totally pewed the scrooch.