Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let Me Apologize: Man is Created / Being Created Assumes a Creator

"We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.  That they are endowed by their Creator..."

Those are some famous words.  And we overlook their profundity all too often.  Probably without even thinking about it, the signers of the Declaration of Independence were stating that Man is a created thing- that he has a Creator. 

Now, to do a full philosophical proof of Man's creation and the existence of a Theistic God would take many more posts, and more expertise than I have.  There are plenty of those available for those who are interested.  My point is of a much more immediate nature.  Whatever you believe about God, the founding Fathers based the entire premise of their Rebellion against England, and, later, their Constitution of a new government, on the existence of a Creator, and the fact that we are "created equal".

The existence of a Creator is of paramount importance.  If there is a Creator, then He must be the supreme Truth about which all Truth Claims must ultimately be made.  If a Creator Exists, then we are merely objects which were created, and we are answerable to a Higher Power.  This sets aside any idea of Heaven or Hell, or the fallen-ness of man, or any of those Judeo-Christian ideas.  This is a simple statement of fact: if there is a Creator, then that Creator must prefer one thing to another (otherwise why "create" at all), and whatever he prefers must, logically, be better for his creation than whatever he does not prefer.

Now, what this further means is that Man must have been created with a purpose.  Even if that "purpose" is merely the entertainment of our Creator (not what I believe, just the most trivial reason I could come up with), we do have a purpose.  And if we are not fulfilling that purpose, we are in conflict with our Creator.  This would be bad for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that a Creator capricious enough to create us simply for amusement would be one capricious enough to destroy us if we annoyed Him.  So we want to be, we need to be, in accordance with our Creator's will.

One of the other consequences of us being Created is our equality.  Now, this is not the trivial equality of outcomes that Liberals promise (but fail) to provide.  This is a much more profound, and much more fundamental equality of station.  Just as any given wolf is "equal" with any other given wolf- one as valuable to his Creator as the next- so also is any man just as valuable to his Creator as another.  This is why we reject the notion of Kings and an Aristocracy, chosen by birth.  We do not believe in "classes."  We believe that each man, from the ditch-diggers son, to the scion of a "Great Family" is of equal worth, and therefore deserving of equal consideration.

Now if we were promised Equality of Outcome, then the redistributive policies of the Liberals would be justified- yea, required, by our understanding of our Creator.  Similarly, if we were not created, then the only kind of equality that could exist would be equality of outcome- and, again, Liberals would be justified in pursing redistributionist policies.  However, since what we are promised is equality of stature with our Creator, the whole concept changes.  Now, "redistribution," however nice a euphemism, is simply state-sponsored theft.  You are taking what one has earned, and giving it to another.  If you were "better" than the one whose asset was seized, then you would be fully justified- but you aren't, because "all men are Created Equal."

So we have our first clue as to which philosophy is closer to the truth: one advocates theft, and the other does not.

Boxes 3 & 4 Checked.  Up Next: A Creator Means a Moral Law

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