Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Guilty Party

As we continue digesting the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman, many of those who yelled “Justice for Trayvon!” continue to complain that the “murderer” got away.  We’ve already discussed in this space why George Zimmerman is not a murderer.  Indeed, George Zimmerman is not at all responsible for what happened that night in Sanford, FL.

As for the proximate actors, the guilty party was Trayvon Martin.  If nothing else, the “lesson” of the Zimmerman case is this: don’t attack strangers in Concealed Carry states.

But there is some truth to the claim that the person (or persons) responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death have not been punished.  But, you see, they never will be.  They never will be because to punish them would require those same people who are currently threatening George Zimmerman (and his parents) with assassination to realize an uncomfortable fact.  They are the ones responsible; them and the culture they represent.

You see, Trayvon Martin came from an habitually violent culture.  It is a culture which still believes manhood is attained through acts of violence and domination.  You can hear it in their music and speech.  You can see it in their dress and their dance.  A male is not a “man” until he has somehow proven it.  A female is not a woman but a “ho,” a piece of property to belong to some thug.

Now, many will call me racist (excuse me: “raaaaacist”) for saying these things, but they are simply true.  Moreover, there is no racial element here.  The thug culture is not limited to Blacks.  It is not even limited to “minorities.”  Last time I looked, Marshall Mathers was White.  These cultural markers exist for white thugs as much as they do for black, brown, yellow, or green. 

We now know that Trayvon Martin was a violence happy thug.  Indeed, in at least one instance he complained that someone he fought had not bled enough.  This is a cultural issue, not a racial one.

And that it is not a racial issue is important.  You cannot choose your race.  Trayvon Martin was Black.  George Zimmerman is most properly a “mutt” or “mongrel” (as is the author of this post).  But George Zimmerman’s culture was superior to Trayvon Martin’s culture.

George Zimmerman’s culture produced a man who cared about his neighborhood enough to volunteer with the neighborhood watch.  His culture produced a man who attempted to help those less fortunate than himself.  It produced a man who fought injustice when the white son of a police officer beat up a homeless black man.  It produced a man who was, and I presume still is, aspirational.

Trayvon Martin’s culture produced a man who was a thug.  His culture produced a man who had been suspended three times that school year alone.  It produced a man who saw his worth in physical violence.  It produced a man who, when given the option of shrugging off a perceived slight instead chose to confront a stranger, in that stranger’s neighborhood.

So it is no surprise that that culture is now seeking revenge.  And revenge is what it seeks, not justice.  Because for it to seek justice would require it to cease to exist.  It- the Thug Culture- is responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death far more than the poor man who was forced to take a life in order to preserve his own.

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  1. If nothing else, the “lesson” of the Zimmerman case is this: don’t attack strangers in Concealed Carry states.

    More accurately, I suppose, would be to say only attack strangers in Illinois. For now.