Thursday, January 9, 2014

Worst. Scandal! EVAH!!!

Imagine this.  You have an executive- doesn’t matter of what.  Maybe s/he is the CEO of a major company.  Maybe s/he is a mayor, governor, or even the President.  At some point during the Executive’s tenure, some of their aides/assistants engage in corrupt behavior.  Whatever form it takes, they wield the power of the executive to harm political enemies.

Word of the abuse leaks out.  The Executive is asked and denies any wrongdoing by him/herself or his/her staff.  More information leaks out proving the bad behavior.  Suddenly we have a scandal.

Now, because of recent events, this scenario could apply to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Certainly the traffic scandal with which he’s dealing fits the mold.  Certainly the Media would have you believe this is the Worst. Scandal. Ever.

But I’m not talking about that.  President Barack Obama (a stuttering clusterf*ck of a malignant traitor) should have been plagued by many worse scandals.  I say “should have been” because the Media had approximately 1/100th the interest in any of those scandals than they have displayed with Governor Christie.  The NSA scandal?  Oh, Obama only heard about that from the papers- and the media bought it.  The IRS Scandal?  Oh, he didn’t see the IG Report until it ran in the paper- and the media bought it.  Benghazi?  Oh, he had nothing to do with that.  Fast & Furious?  Nothing to do with the president.

Yet it is Chris Christie who is labeled as “either an incompetent executive or a liar.”  Chris Christie at least fired the person at the heart of the scandal.  The woman at the heart of the IRS scandal?  Yeah, she got a promotion.  The only people fired in relation to Fast & Furious are the whistle-blowers.  Kathleen Sebelius (if you believe the SCOAMT) completely concealed the fact that (which still doesn’t work) didn’t work- and she’s still working as head of HHS.

This is the Media that claim to be “fair” and “nonpartisan.”  Later this year they will want to be the arbiters of “truth” for hundreds of Congressional and Gubernatorial races.  Yet they cannot find the interest to investigate abuses by the Most Powerful Man in the world (or, at least, his aides and Secretaries), but a scandal in New Jersey is Major National News.

Remember that as summer turns to fall.  Remember it again in 2016.  They are not non-partisan.  They are not “fair.”  And the ones they cover for are much worse offenders than those they persecute.

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