Thursday, August 7, 2014

Not the response they wanted

Dear Republican National Committee

Before I get to my response to the fundraising letter you sent me today, please go see the comments of the new House Majority Whip's new Communications Director
Oh, you might also want to go take a look at the emails you are sending.

Now on to the response.

I am not some low-information, uninvolved voter.  I assume you listed me as a registered Republican (more on this in a minute) because of a "citizens' congress" event I attended with Representative Joe Barton several years ago (he called me a better Lloyd Doggett than Lloyd Doggett- I'm still not sure if that was a compliment).  I maintain a political blog.  I have a fair idea of what is going on in my State, the country, and the world.

Further, I consider myself a "Tea Party" Conservative- note the word I did not use, that will be important later.  I believe in limited, fiscally sound government.  I believe that the Federal Government is supposed to be constrained by the Constitution- that it enumerated specific powers for the Federal Government and any which were not specifically enumerated were reserved to the People or the States.  I believe "that Government governs best which governs least."

Since 2008, I have seen nothing that would make me support the Republican National Party, and much that disgusts me about you.  People actively opposed to limiting government have leadership positions; those actively attempting to limit government are removed from leadership positions.  When you had several chances to stop Obamacare cold, you have continually refused to take them.  And don't give me "1/2 of 1/3 of government."  The simple expedient of withholding unanimous consent during the "debate" over Obamacare would have ended it- no one was going to sit while 1800 pages were read so that a bunch of old men and women could hear them.

I could expound at length about how you seem intent on remaining disconnected from the American People (the vast majority support legal immigration while opposing illegal immigration or any form of amnesty, for instance, yet you continually seek "comprehensive immigration reform").  I could point out the awkward and pathetic attempts you have made to seem "hip" and "cool."  I could point out time after time after time that senior Republicans have called those like me "the fringe."

But I will not.

Had I known that I had been registered as a Republican, I would have asked that registration be removed long ago.  Any party of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and John Cornyn is not a party with which I identify.  Perhaps you can hit me up again when you have listened to the likes of Mike Lee, Pete Sessions, and Ted Cruz.  Maybe I'll be more willing to listen when you grow a spine, or testicles, or both.  Until then, no, not one red cent.
More Sincerely than you can possibly Imagine,

The Dedicated Tenther


  1. Perfect! I love the way you said everything so politely. It is exactly the way I feel, but without all the swearing I generally use when talking about this issue. The Republican Party left me a long time ago, I didn't leave them. They ignored us and spat in our faces, and then they come back like an abusive husband, promising not to do it again. Their problem is that they have no ideas, because they stamp out everyone who doesn't conform

  2. Yup and all of us with it. That will show them!!

  3. "There is nothing sacred about the Republican party. It deserves Conservative support only to the extent it is Conservative."...........Frank S. Meyer, National Review

  4. The Establishment Party (E).

    GOP takes Senate? "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

  5. I am sorry but the claim "I am not some low-information, uninvolved voter." looks odd compared to "Had I known that I had been registered as a Republican, I would have asked that registration be removed long ago." I submit that if one indeed does not know what Party they are registered with,. it might be because they were not paying attention?

  6. For those who have bones to pick with the National Party members, I have a question,. Have you been attending your Local Party functions were you MIGHT actually have an impact?

    1. Yes. As a matter of fact I have. I have served out county Republican party faithfully. As Secretary, as volunteer putting up campaign signs, phoning, organizing voter lists, and I managed our county office during the 2012 election. I made sure it was staffed and made sure we had materials for voters.

      Then during the 2012 National Convention all of the Libertarians, Constitutional party members, et al stopped volunteering. We had been courting their votes using the, "You can change the party only if you get involved", argument. Why did they quit the party? Party leaders refused to allow Ron Paul even a minute or two to speak at the convention.

      Simple as that. We were told to get the right involved. They didn't trust us but we tried. And then the party pulled the plug on them. It was a stupid move but there is a reason why the GOP is called 'The stupid Party'. It's because they are stupid.

      I agree with what Dedicated Tenther has to say. Until the party quits fighting conservatives and starts welcoming us they are on my list of groups whose requests for donations will wind up in the trash.