Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progressivism & Mohammedanism: Fellow Travelers

What philosophy espouses the following?

  • “They” are out to get you
  • Your problems are not your fault, but “theirs.”
  • You can’t possibly be expected to better, because “they” have stacked the deck

If you answered “Progressivism,” congratulations!  You’re correct!

If you answered “Mohammedanism,” congratulations!  You’re also correct.


As terror attacks increase in frequency, and Liberals fall all over themselves to proclaim “That’s not Islam!”  It’s important to ask ourselves why.  And the answer is that they are fellow travelers.  Their aims, at current, are the same.  Both seek to destroy the Judeo-Christian Western culture which has seen so much progress.  Both seek to undermine our institutions and proclaim themselves the only true rulers over humanity.  Certainly that will cause problems between them in the future, but for the moment that makes them allies.

Mohammedanism is an evil death cult.  They worship an evil god (who once went by the name Baal) and his evil servant, the pedophile Mohammed.  It teaches that Jews and Christians are to blame for almost everything that goes wrong in the world, and that the only reason Mohammedans are not already ruling the world is because “they” (Jews, Christians, and even Western culture more generally) are conspiring to keep the Mohammedans down.

Progressivism is not an evil death cult, but it sure likes them (Mohammedanism, Communism, Fascism- these are all Leftist philosophies).  It teaches that “the White Man” (a stand in for Western culture) is to blame for almost everything that goes wrong in the world, and that the only reason [Insert Victim Group Here] is not already ruling the world is because “Straight White Men” are conspiring to make sure no one else sees any success in life.

Both are evil.  Both are predatory.  They prey on the fear and even self-loathing of their victims, and convince them to do or support some of the most evil things.  Mohammedanism convinces its adherents to, among other things, mutilate young girls’ reproductive organs, stone women for the crime of being raped, stone women for the crime of fighting back against rape, and kill random people in order to achieve “paradise.”  Liberalism convinces its adherents to lie, cheat, steal, and murder the not-yet born.

Judeo-Christian Western culture opposes all of these things, and therefore both philosophies.  Judeo-Christian morality teaches its adherents to show deference to, and defend, women.  It teaches them to kill only in defense- and sometimes not then.  It teaches them that it is better to fail or be defeated that to lie or cheat.  It teaches them that it is better to do without than to steal (and that a man who won’t work shouldn’t eat).  It teaches them that all life is sacred, but especially life which is defenseless- like the not-yet born.

Because these things resonate so with all people everywhere (because they’re True), Progressivism and Mohammedanism must destroy Western culture.

So while Progressives in the MFM safely tweet “Je sui Charlie,” and promptly scold Conservatives for the “backlash against peaceful” Mohammedans, remember this: the two philosophies travel together because they currently have the same goal.

And if you are a Progressive who so hates Western culture because of the evils you perceive in it, stop and think for a moment- Mohammedans hate all the things that you claim to support.  Homosexuality will get you killed in a majority Mohammedan country.  If you think UVa has a “rape culture,” wait until you see how the Mohammedans view things.  And by the time you realize what you have done, it will be too late.  They will turn on you and kill you or subjugate you.

And the “hard men with guns” you so hate today will not be there to protect you anymore.

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