Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Funny Thing Is...

...that Donald Trump was right.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have heard about Donald Trump's “racist” (more on that in a moment) comment saying we should stop allowing Mohammedans into America “until our Representatives figure out what’s going on.”  The reaction was predictable, and pathetic.

Most Republicans couldn’t distance themselves fast enough.  Democrats pointed with glee at the “racist” comments and said it “disqualified” Trump from being President (this from the party of the KKK, the Black Panther party, and the Westboro Baptist Church, among others).  Everyone reacted as if there was nothing of substance said.

Yes, Trump is circus clown.  Yes, he’s a carnival barker.  In many ways that’s what makes him so appealing to many.  However, he’s not actually stupid.  So let’s take a serious look at the facts behind the carnival barking.


First, was it racist?  Absolutely not, and you’re racist for suggesting it is.  Mohammedanism is not a race.  It is a political philosophy with religious elements (Sharia law is one for temporal governance).  Being generous, it is a religion with strict prescriptions for political life.  People of all races and ethnicities call it their religion: Whites, Blacks, Hispanics of most stripes, Asians, and the various Middle Eastern ethnicities (they’re not all one race, either).  So for you to call any comment about Mohammedanism “racist” indicates that *you* are the one who believes that only one race (probably Middle Easterners) could practice it.  Worse, it indicates that you probably believe that all Middle Easterners are Mohammedan – which is also racist.  There are Middle Eastern Christians, pagans, Atheists, and on and on.

Now, maybe “racist” was just a sloppy way of saying “bigoted.”  So, was the statement bigoted?  No, though you’re not a bigot for suggesting it could be.  Mohammedanism is an evil death cult.  The fact that some (a majority in the United States, but a minority world-wide) Mohammedans reject the doctrines of violent Jihad and conversion by the sword by no means removes those doctrines from their religion.  The fact that some Christians claim that homosexuality is not sin does not remove the doctrine that homosexuality is sin and those who continue to practice it will end up in Hell from Christianity.  Just because a doctrine is unpleasant does not mean it does not exist, and Mohammedanism is chock-full of abhorrent doctrines.  It approves of rape and sex-slavery.  It approves of stoning women for the crime of being raped.  Mohammed himself was recorded to be a pedophile rapist.

I’ve seen lots of people post things which amount to: “This particular Mohammedan was nice to me, so Mohammedans must be nice.”  Even the ones who cite multiple examples are falling into a major fallacy.  The plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”  Now, what does the data show?  The data shows that the vast majority of terrorist attacks world-wide are committed by Mohammedans in the name of Mohammedanism.  The data shows that the majority of Mohammedans world-wide at least accept interpretations of the Koran which advocate terror and violent Jihad as legitimate (with a large minority saying they support but would not engage in terrorism, and a smaller minority saying it’s actually their duty to do so).

What this means is that Mohammedanism is a threat to the national security of every nation, but especially every nation which is not majority Mohammedan.  Yes, it is a great injustice to the teeming masses of Mohammedans who reject those doctrines to deny them entry into the United States – much like punishing a whole class of kids because the teacher couldn’t tell which ones were actually causing the problem, so innocent kids get punished, too.  But, just like that teacher must maintain order in the classroom, so must Governments maintain their own security.  If we had any way to tell which ones particularly were going to shoot masses of innocents, or plant bombs along marathon routes, or whatever, then we could deny entry just to them.  But we don’t.  And importing terrorists in the name of “fairness” is insane.

Now, I already hear many saying, “But blaming all Mohammedans for the actions of a few is like blaming Christians for the actions of the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church!”  And this is me asking, “Are you stupid?”

First, even at its height, the KKK was not actually that big, certainly it did not equal, percentage wise, the number of Mohammedans who believe that violent Jihad is acceptable or even required.  Second, you won’t actually find any word of Scripture which backs up their bigoted views – especially the violent ones.  It’s not in there.  Mohammedanism says many times, however, that the non-Mohammedan should be killed, sometimes in specific ways (beheading, crucifixion, etc.).  Now, you can attempt to interpret that as some kind of “spiritual” command, but you can’t deny it’s in there.  The KKK is much more like you in that case, though, because they attempt to interpret Scripture as meaning something other than what it actually says.

You do get a little closer with Westboro Baptist, but even there you fall into major pitfalls.  Their doctrine (at least the words of it) do actually seem to be supported by the Bible.  Homosexuality is a sin, that’s plain.  The Bible does indeed say that nations which embrace sin and reject God will be punished – wiped off the face of the earth, even.  And if they espoused those beliefs in a loving manner in which they attempted to convince those around them to reject sin and embrace God, all the while admitting that they, too, are sinners (and therefore just as deserving of Hell as homosexuals) in need of God’s Mercy and Grace.  Indeed, it is the fact they don’t do that, and instead attempt to make political points at soldiers’ funerals, that makes them so obnoxious. 

However, the members of the Westboro Baptist church aren’t killing people.  They aren’t strapping bombs to their own chests and blowing them up in crowded areas.  They aren’t going on shooting rampages.  They aren’t planting bombs along marathon routes.  So while the Westboro Baptists are obnoxious bores, they are hardly an actual threat to anyone.

And that doesn’t even get into judging the relative temporal good brought about by Christianity (shortly: most of modern science, medicine, and culture) and that brought about by Mohammedanism (shortly: none of that).

So, before you start saying that Trump’s comments should disqualify him from being President; before you start saying “that’s not who we are!” consider: perhaps it should be, and perhaps it makes him more qualified than those attacking him.  His particular policy (ask them and hope they don’t lie) is beyond silly, but the acceptance of reality which underlies it is far better than those who refuse to acknowledge the simple truth: when it comes to violent Jihad, kill the unbeliever, and all that other monstrous stuff in Mohammedanism – just like Ragu: it’s in there.

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