Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are #BrettKimberlin's Velvet Revolution and JTMP Democrat Operations?

And if they are, shouldn't they lose their 501c3 Status?

The reason I ask is this post from Robert Stacey McCain, who has been doing yeoman's work on exposing Brett Kimberlin and his lawfare tactics against bloggers who want to shed some light on his history and his current work as a progressive operative.  It turns out that Democrat Consultant Neal Rauhauser accompanied Mr. Kimberlin to Tuesday's court hearing regarding the Protection Order against Aaron Walker (AKA Aaron Worthing). 

Why was a 'Consultant' (aside: does that imply 'paid?') for the Democrat party at a hearing with convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin?  What is the precise nature of their relationship? 

To be sure, it could be completely legitimate.  Perhaps Mr. Rauhauser is just a friend of Mr. Kimberlin, though that would raise questions about his choice in friends.  Perhaps he was hired in some capacity by Mr. Kimberlin- but what capacity?  From current reports, it doesn't seem that he was there in an Expert capacity, and Mr. Rauhauser's field of choice does seem to be computers and electronic media.

Or does this Democrat Consultant also work for Velvet Revolution and/or the Justice Through Music Project?  Is it possible that these are not non-aligned charities?  Could they, instead, be Democrat front groups?

Of course, we are unlikely ever to get answers to these questions.  Certainly members of Congress have shown no particular interest in protecting citizens from Kimberlin's cohort.  The majority of the media, too, has turned a blind eye.  Which leaves it to bloggers to continue to probe these questions.  If enough of us do so, maybe we'll get some answers.

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