Friday, May 25, 2012

#BrettKimberlin is a Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Terrorist

Okay, I don't know about the stuttering bit.  The rest holds true.

Others are blogging about Kimberlin's current activities: How he is tied to two 'non-profit' organizations, how he gave one of those organizations a 'loan' of $4500.00, how those organizations are tied directly to Convicted Felon and Nazi Collaborator George Soros and Barbara 'Being Liberal Means Never Having To Have Any Talent' Streisand, among others.  Others will tell you about his other associates, and their activities.  Still others will tell you about his harassment of conservative bloggers.

I want to make sure you know that Brett Kimberlin is a Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Terrorist.

It began, as for the actual events, on September 1, 1978.  On that night, 3 bombs exploded in trashcans.  No one was injured, but property was damaged.  The police suspected teenagers.  Which, I guess, goes to show that High School really has gotten easier since then.

Little did they know that those three explosions would lead to nearly a week of terror.

By the fifth night of the bombings, the then unknown bomber had escalated from simple property damage to destroying a police cruiser.  On the sixth night, his bomb took Carl DeLong's right leg, and severely damaged his left leg and right hand.

The bombings were committed by one Brett Kimberlin, by then already a perjurer and drug smuggler.  It is likely, though never proven, that he had one Julia Scyphers murdered, because she did not trust him around her grand children.  Under this theory, Kimberlin terrorized a city and maimed a man to distract from an investigation that would ultimately lead to him.

Because of this terrorist activity, Carl DeLong ultimately committed suicide.  The shrapnel he carried in his body, along with his maiming, became too much and he killed himself by sitting in his garage with the car running.  His wife, also injured in the bombing, won a 1.6 million dollar settlement against Kimberlin.

When Kimberlin was paroled in 1994, he refused to pay the settlement.  Ultimately, his parole was revoked, and he was sent back to prison for 4 more years, finally released in 2001.

And now, this Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Terrorist, Brett Kimberlin, is targeting conservatives who have the nerve to out him.

Well, Mr. Kimberlin, you have our attention- all of our attention.

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  1. Thank you. I wish I had half the courage that you and other bloggers do.
    I can only read,be close to tears and pray for all being victimized by a domestic terrorist that should put his last paper bag and contents, over his ugly little mug.