Friday, July 27, 2012

And the Media Dutifully Reported: "Look! Squirrel!"

So Mitt Romney is doing a world tour.  I, personally, am very "meh" on the whole idea, but whatever.  And it probably would have remained out of the news, especially if it had been an unqualified success, except for two things.  First, the Media's Boyfriend, Barack Obama, is still reeling from being bludgeoned (figuratively) about the head and shoulders for his "You didn't succeed on your own" comments.  As he should.  Second, Mitt Romney said something that offended the Brits.

When asked about the Olympics in London, Mitt Romney said (not quoting) that from what he'd seen it didn't look like they were ready.  Now, two things about this: One, he was asked his opinion.  If you didn't want his opinion, you shouldn't have asked.  Two, Mr. Romney has some idea what "being ready" to host an Olympic Games looks like.

Of course Londoners and Liberals here in the US decided this was the Worst Gaff Ever, especially since they could use it to distract from the Miserable Failure that is our President.  So everyone went completely nuts over it.

Never mind that Governors and Mayors here at home are trying to limit the Freedom of Speech.  Never mind a measly 1.5% growth in GDP.  Never mind the fact that Barack Obama is still lying about what he said in Roanoke.  No, the story of the day MUST be about how Mitt Romney offended the British with his comments.

And too many Conservatives are joining them.  It's a non-story.  Had Barack Obama said the same thing, most of these people would be defending him.  Even if they wouldn't be, that doesn't change the fact that someone who knows something about these things decided to give an honest assessment instead of the "diplomatic" answer.

What's important is right here at home.  Pathetic GDP growth.  Official Unemployment above 8% for 41 straight months.  Inflation.  Punishingly low interest rates which hurt investors and those saving for retirement.  A lawless administration legislating by executive fiat.  An unconstitutional (I don't care what SCCJ Roberts says) upheld by the Supreme Court which subjugates every American.  But Mitt Romney said something that the Left is going to exploit, so let's hammer him on that.


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