Monday, October 29, 2012

Questions For Obama

Barack Obama has announced that he will have a press conference this afternoon about the Hurricane Sandy.  Strangely, he has never had a press conference regarding the murders of 4 Americans, including our Ambassador to Libya, in a coordinated terror attack on September 11th.

So, here is my challenge to the media.  Ask Barack Obama these questions, to see what he says:

  • Mr. President, is the "Frankenstorm" Sandy a result of natural forces, or some YouTube video no one has heard of, let alone seen?
  • Mr. President, if someone has an urgent, life threatening emergency during the storm, would you authorize a rescue mission?
  • Mr. President, people have been warned of Sandy for about a week now, and you have understandably made or overseen a variety of preperations, including alerting FEMA.  Why weren't we prepared on the anniversary of 9/11 for a possible terror attack?
  • Mr. President, why are you holding a press conference to answer questions about preparation and response to Sandy, but, six weeks later, still have not had a similar press conference about the Benghazi Attack?

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