Thursday, October 11, 2012

Russia: No More Arms Reduction Treaty

Chalk up another success for Barack Obama's Foreign Policy.  After signaling that he'd be willing to make America yet less safe once he had "more flexibility," Russia has decided they don't need to wait for the Nov 6 election.  It looks like that Reset button was set for further back than just 2000- like to the 1960s.  Russia has decided not to renew the 1991 Arms Reduction Treaty- which they had previously renewed twice.

Russia has admitted they want to sell nuclear technology (read: arms) to other countries (read: Iran).  We know that Russia wants to rebuild its own nuclear arsenal.  And President Feckless and Secretary of State Clueless have so weakened our position that Russia isn't even pretending to consider renewing the biggest step toward peace this world had seen in generations. 

Does anyone think that we will immediately begin rebuilding our own nuclear capability?  It may not be pretty, but MAD works.  It sets the default for the "game" to "don't play."  If we continue unilateral disarmament (something I'm sure the President would love to do) then we are literally leaving ourselves open to any number of attacks.

We must rebuild our military, and we must make the Russians remember why they signed the agreement in the first place- and it certainly wasn't out of the goodness of their hearts.  As it is, we're asking for disaster.

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  1. There might be a few reasons for that

    So while it doesn't look like Russia has been exporting arms to Syria, they're exporting military communication equipment, instead. It's almost like the country is being run by Russian Mafia arms smugglers, which of course it is.