Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obama's DREAM: See Also: Fantasy, Lies

First it was so-called DREAMers.  They were supposed to be illegal immigrants who had "come here as children" and who "had or were working to a High School Diploma, or a College Degree."  Then we found out that ICE and CPB weren't even allowed to demand proof that someone claiming to fall under the DREAM doctrine would actually qualify.  And now this.

It turns out that Obama's DREAM by fiat is not actually the DREAM act that has received Democrat and even some Republican (primarily among the already pro-amnesty crowd) support.  No, this one includes middle school drop outs.  Yes, you read that correctly.  People who never bothered to finish middle school, let alone high school or attempting to get a college degree, are eligible under Barack Obama's unconstitutional power-grab, which went into effect yesterday.

Now, I could complain that we were lied to, but so what?  It's Barack Obama, if he told me the sky was blue I'd go outside to verify it.  If he told me water was wet, or ice was cold, I'd touch them just to make sure he wasn't lying.  I fully expect him to lie.  Lies are all he has.  No, I place the blame for this squarely on Congress and on the States.

Congress has the constitutional authority to set immigration policy, and the constitutional duty to keep the executive in check.  Thus it was Congress's job to slap down the President when he issued his illegal executive order in the first place.  That Congress did not is a gross dereliction of duty.

The States, on the other hand, bear no direct culpability for the executive order or the failure to block it.  They do, however, bear the blame of not stepping up when the Federal Government failed, and enforcing already existing Federal Law.  Yes, even over the Federal Government's objections.  One State, that I know of, has stood up to this act of lawlessness.  I wish I could say that state were my native Texas (are you listening, Governor Perry?), but it's not.

That one State is Arizona.  Their excellent Governor Jan Brewer issued her own executive order yesterday.  She re-affirmed the spirit of their Immigration Enforcement law, and instructed state agencies not to provide any state benefits to illegals, even those who had applied for Barack Obama's illegal amnesty.  Considering Arizona has already been sued by the Federal Government over their desire to police the illegal immigrant community, this is a gutsy move.  The coming weeks and months will show us how it all ends up, but this was a courageous move which should be emulated by other Governors.

When the Federal Government fails to protect legal citizens, then the States must do the job.  The Federal Government divests itself of more legitimacy every day.  I hope the States will not follow suit.

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