Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Growing Police State: Not-So-Unintended Consequences Edition

A Dangerous Illegal Immigrant
One of the downsides of not have a strict rule of "if you're here illegally, you'll be deported," is that it takes a lot more time for ICE agents to handle illegal immigration cases.  This is especially true in light of the fact that ICE and CBP are not allowed to require any proof of an illegal's claim to be covered by the DREAM act.

By extension, then, it stands to reason that legitimate immigrants will suffer the consequences.  Case in point: Lauren Gray.  With the exception that she's here legally, instead of illegally, she's exactly what the DREAM act claims its supposed to support.  Brought over as a minor (4 years old) from England, she's never known any country but the United States.  She graduated high school, went on to college and got a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Dance.  This is exactly the kind of behavior DREAM is supposed to be encouraging- except DREAM gives preference to people here illegally, and requires no proof that they're actually eligible for its benefits.

However, for her parent's crime of immigrating legally, and her crime of finishing high school and college, Ms. Gray will not be allowed to immigrate legally to the united states.  Her parents are here on work visas, trying to make their residency permanent.  She turned 21 today and "aged out" of eligibility under her parent's visas.  She was supposed to get her own green card before her senior year in college, but her priority date got pushed back.  By two years.  Odd that such a push back just happened to put her outside her eligibility under her parents' work visas.

So, for playing by the rules, and trying to respect our laws, Ms. Gray will be punished by not having a green card and legal residency status.  Showing, once again, the class and respect for our laws which we should be rewarding and holding up as an example, Ms. Gray says she will self deport and return "home" to a country she doesn't know.

Contrariwise, if she were of Hispanic origin, her parents hadn't come here legally, and she merely claimed (remember, ICE and CBP aren't allowed to require proof) that she met the eligibility requirements in the DREAM act- which was never passed by congress but unconstitutionally enacted by executive fiat, she would be immediately granted a temporary visa and allowed to "work toward citizenship."

I'll leave you with this quote from Ms. Gray: "Immigration is a broken system and I don't know why someone isn't fixing it." And my response: "Ms. Gray, they are.  In the favor of groups more likely to vote Democrat that yours."

Photo via original article at FoxNews.Com


  1. Blue eyed devils need not apply. The system is working as expected.//

    1. Yes, it's working exactly as expected. Horribly.

  2. One thing about this I only just realized is that when these 'dream' people get through the immigration process, they can get Texas (or other) state drivers licences. With a state ID, wouldn't they be able to vote and isn't that the purpose of it all?