Thursday, August 9, 2012

So What's The Problem?

So, apparently the Occupiers are (probably illegally) coordinating with the Obama Campaign.  I'm sorry, but I'm just not surprised by that.  Indeed, I'm pretty sure that OWS is fully (or almost fully) funded by Obama's "Organizing for America."  You can go read the sordid details at the link.

I want to make a couple of different points, however.  Apparently some anti-Romney folks on the DC Metro are handing out this flier:

Note the companies listed here: Dunkin Donuts, Outback Steakhouse, Guitar Centers, Babies R Us, Michaels, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Toys R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Basking Robins, and Gymboree.

First off, I thought that Bain Capital was evil because they made their money as "vulture capitalists" by buying up companies, breaking them apart, and selling the pieces a la Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.  That's a long list of big-name companies that apparently weren't broken apart and sold.  So which is it?  Do they own evil corporations, or do they destroy perfectly good companies?

Every one of those companies is highly successful, which easily refutes that original claim.

Second, I thought that Bain Capital fired everyone and gave their wives cancer.  Isn't that what the Joe Soptic ad said?  Look at that list of companies again.  It's fairly safe to say that, among them, those companies have tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of stores around the world.  Everyone one of those supplies Mr. Obama's much vaunted "good, middle class jobs" for their management.  That's not including corporate wage earners like IT staff, accounting folks, and so forth.  Every one of those locations also provides a fair number of good, entry level jobs- the kinds of jobs that get high school and college kids some work experience.  Those are the kinds of jobs that people hold down as "second jobs" to earn a little extra income.

Every one of these businesses creates thousands of jobs.  Every one of these business employs people from the unskilled through grand-high-muckity-mucks with MBAs.  Every one of these companies is a shining example of capitalism.

And OWS and Barack Obama want them destroyed.

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