Friday, February 8, 2013

Gun Control Is Racist

"Why has no enterprising racist made the point that requiring ID and a background check to buy a gun will prevent poor people of color, particularly, illegal immigrants, from accessing their Second Amendment rights?
Posted by: Sherry McEvil, Wily Wrepublican Wench at February 08, 2013 11:27 AM (kXoT0)"

That was a comment today at the AoSHQ.  I liked it so much I'm stealing it. (Wait, I already gave attribution?  Crap.)

The point of the comment (for my willfully ignorant readers) is to link the idea of Voter Id (which, for some reason is racist and will prevent Blacks or Hispanics from voting), to the concept of gun control.  It's absolutely right in all it's particulars, and it sums up the idea nicely.  I'd like to expand on it, though- because that's what I do.

The same people who would have us believe that presenting a valid, photographic identification card would "disenfranchise" the poor and minorities would have us overlook the fact that photo Id and a background check- not to mention permits (which are sometimes quite expensive) and other requirements- would have at least the same effect on people exercising their second amendment rights.  Even more so, because of those previously mentioned permits. 

See?  Photo Id for Voting = Racist.  Photo Id for 2nd Amendment = "Common Sense Controls."

But the 2nd Amendment is a right- conferred by Nature (or Nature's God) and merely protected by the 2nd Amendment.  The 2nd Amendment does not grant the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, it strictly prohibits the Government from infringing on that Right. 

On the other hand, voting is a privilege.  Unlike the Right to Self Defense/Defense Against Tyranny (the Right to Keep and Bear Arms), voting doesn't even exist without specific government action.  Voting is unique to democratic and republican forms of government.  An absolute monarchy, for instance, does not have voting.  That does not mean an absolute monarchy could not protect the Natural Rights of its Citizens/Subjects (such a situation is absurdly unlikely, but not inherently impossible).

So why is it that the one they don't have a problem limiting is the one that is a Natural Right?

Further, I should point out that Gun Control really is racist.  It was first implemented in the United States as a way to keep newly freed slaves from obtaining and using guns.  When Hitler came to power in Germany, one of the first things he did was to institute very strict gun-controls (mostly used to disarm the Jews).

It is simply true that any extra burden on gun ownership really will (as Liberals claim would happen with voter ID) have a disproportionate impact on the poor and minorities.  Add into that the fact that the poor and minorities are at least slightly more likely to live in neighborhoods with high crime rates, and it's even worse.  But these supposed "Civil Rights" crusaders do not acknowlege the damage they are doing.  Whether unknowing (which seems unlikely at this late date) or intentional, they really are attempting to implement laws which will deprive the poor and minorities of one of the Rights.

Why do Liberals hate brown people?

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