Thursday, February 7, 2013


ObamaCare is a mind-twisting, sanity killing nightmare of a law.  As I have said previously, it changes US Citizens into Subjects.  The moment the US Government seized control of Health Care, it seized complete control of our lives.

Don't believe me?  How else do you explain this?
The FDA says much of ObamaCare is aimed at helping Americans live healthier lives, and these proposed labeling requirements would help them do just that. In the text of the proposed regulation, the FDA states: "[The information] should help consumers limit excess calorie intake and understand how the foods that they purchase at these establishments fit within their daily caloric and other nutritional needs."

That's an FDA Statement about a Rule requiring grocery and convenience stores to provide nutritional information on "prepared, unpackaged food" they will sell you.  That would include your donut and coffee at 7-11 as well as that soup you bought at the soup and olive bar in your local up-scale grocery store.  It would include the prepared samples you can get at Sam's Club or Costco on the weekend.

Now, the Fox Article focuses on the cost issue.  It will cost grocery and convenience stores a great deal of money to provide the correct nutritional information.  As Food Marketing Institute regulatory counsel Erik Lieberman said:
Lieberman said failure to get it right comes with stiff penalties: "If you get it wrong, it's a federal crime, and you could face jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines."

My point is much  more fundamental, however.  Look back at that FDA Justification: "The FDA says much of ObamaCare is aimed at helping Americans live healthier lives."  But it's not aimed at "helping."  From the Individual Mandate, to this rule, to rules beginning to hit school cafeterias, ObamaCare is quickly taking over every aspect of our lives.  It's healthier to walk or ride a bike than it is to drive- how soon before walking/biking to work is mandated to help "Americans live healthier lives?"  Getting 6 - 8 hours of sleep at night is healthier than working on short sleep.  How long before people have to keep sleep logs (like OTR Truckers already do) on pain of fines or imprisonment?

ObamaCare allows for these things.  As long as it is the law of the land, we have no defense against them.

Someone needs to pilot the proverbial Steam Ship into the maw of this beast.

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