Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sequester: Just Do It

Much time and energy has been spent trying to explain to US Citizens why the Fiscal Sequester would be a Very Bad Thing(TM).  Once again, our feudal lords are holding our physical security and health hostage so that we will agree to give them yet more power, yet more money.  We're being told that money for USDA Inspectors will be cut, so either our food supply will be limited (because inspections can't be done) or will be less safe (because they're done but hurried).  We're being told that money for the TSA will be cut, so that it will take even longer at the Airport to get on your plane.  We're being told that money for the Military will be cut, so our national security will be weaker.

I say bring it on.  All of it.  Bring the pain.

If what it takes for the Federal Government to have less power over my life is to strangle the USDA, the TSA, and the Military (largely civilian contractors, but make no mistake- active duty military operations will be hampered), then so be it.  At this point, I am much more concerned about the power the Federal Government has over me than I am about whether or not my food has disease.

After all, what on earth did we do before the USDA?  What, you mean people weren't simply falling dead in the streets?  Food-borne disease was either mild or rare (and sometimes both)?

What on earth did we do before the TSA?  Oh, get on planes much more quickly, with less hassle?

The only one of these that concerns me is the US Military, and that's more of an abstract worry.  If we are weak enough long enough we can expect more attacks against the United States, our allies, or our interests.  But even that is a mid-to-long-term worry.  It won't happen immediately.

No one has an option which will cut the budget enough.  No one.  No one will confront the sacred cows of Entitlements, which are now more than 50% of US Federal Government spending.  No one will consider cutting the Federal Department of Education.  What business does the US Government have in educating kids in Santa Fe?  No one will consider cuts to the agencies which provide no useful service, but only expand Government power because the point is to keep the Government as powerful as possible.

So, go with the sequester.  It's the only plan on the board with real, substantive cuts.  And we're taxed enough already.


  1. I waffle back and forth on this idea.
    On the one hand, Sequester is the best we're going to get in "Real cuts." EVER.
    OTOH: Obama (and his lackeys in DoD, FDA, USDA, etc.) are basically purposefully implementing in as stupid (and thus visible) way as possible.
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I think that we could cut $100 billion (or so) from the defense budget (which IIRC is the value in the Sequester) with minimal impact. But there's a purposeful attempt not to that. Quite the opposite, they're going for maximal impact.
    Plus I have no doubt that whatever cuts from medicare and Medicaid in there (if there were any) will be the first to be overturned.

    1. Absolutely that's what they're doing. Like I said, they're holding us hostage to increase their own power.

      It's a protection racket. "Nice life you've got here. Be a shame if something were to... happen... to it."

  2. Let 'em do it. I could care less. It'll affect absolutely nothing.

    Dick formerly of @dickstrash