Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barack Obama: "We Accept" Limits on Free Speech

Today's address by Barack Obama to the UN General Assembly was execrable for a variety of reasons.  I could go into a variety of reasons, but the most important are these two quotes:

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."


"Many countries do not share our freedom of speech... we accept that."

Yes, Barack Obama has admitted to the world that he is willing to limit Americans' speech.  That's what those two phrases mean, and there is no way to spin them otherwise.

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam?"  How about those who slander Christians, or Christ Himself?  How about those who slander Jews?  Mormons?  Hindus?  Why is Islam special?  Or are we suddenly defending religion from vitriol and I just missed it?  Wait, no, Modern Family and The New Normal are still on TV, so I'm guessing I didn't miss a memo, there.

And since when do we accept limits on Freedom of Speech (note the caps)?.  Understand that "accepting" other countries' limits on speech means implicitly accepting when a Muslim country jails someone for being a Christian.  It means, taken to a not-unimaginable-end, that we're willing to arrest people for violating speech rules in other countries.  Oh, wait, we already did that.

No American should accept limits on Freedom of Speech, and slander of Mohammed should not influence whether the future "belong[s] to" you or not.

With these statements, Barack Obama is setting the stage for more midnight, brownshirted raids.  Right now it's for the maker of a movie who his administration quickly threw under the bus for coordinated Terror Attacks (Remember: post 9/11 years w/o terror attacks: Bush - 7/ Obama - 3).  What next?  Do we capitulate when the Muslims already in this country start demanding "anti-blasphemy" laws?  Do we start surrendering American Christians and Jews to Muslim thugs?

Nothing short of a full-throated defense of Freedom of Speech should ever be acceptable from the United States President. 

No, Mr. Obama, we don't accept that.

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  1. No surprise here really... Obama has let it be known for years now that his sympathies lie with radical Islam and the "moderate" Muslims that allow radical Islam to florish all over the world. Will this wake up the mushy middle here in the states as to the Presidents (and all the other leftists that remain quiet concerning free speech when it comes to Islam) lack of distinct American values. One can hope... while one mostly dispares... :(