Friday, September 14, 2012

U.S. Under Siege

Cairo.  Benghazi.  Tunisia.  Yemen.  Sudan.  University of Texas (Austin).  North Dakota State University.

As the US and her allies (Israeli embassy in London, British and German embassies in Tunisia) are under attack for a third day, you hear much hand-wringing from the Media and from Barack Obama's administration.  There was absolutely no way, they say, they could have foreseen this.

None?  No way at all?  You mean, besides all their previous actions?

Meanwhile, the Media focuses on a movie no one had heard of, and Mitt Romney's criticism of the Cairo embassy statement.  The Media would have you believe that a film maker in California, a pastor in Florida, and Mitt Romney caused all this.

No.  It was Barack Obama who assisted with the ouster of Mubarak and Qaddaffy.  It was Barack Obama who apologized to the entire Islamic world for what he perceived as America's faults.  It was Barack Obama who claimed that the barbarians in Egypt and Libya were justified for their violence.  If any one person deserves blame for the current world crisis, it is Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States.

Now the US is under siege, and the Commander-in-Chief is a man who loves the Islamic world more than he loves America.  The US is under siege, and the President has decided to golf while the world burns. 


  1. So Barack Obama is a Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure?

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