Monday, September 24, 2012

Judge: Let The Dead Vote

As other states have done, Texas issued a new law that the Secretary of State needed to purge voter rolls of any dead voters.  This is actually something that the State was already doing, but the data source for information on dead voters was changed from the Bureau of Vital Statistics to the Social Security master list.

As a result, 77,000 probable matches have been found.  The include "strong matches" of people with the same name, date of birth, and social security number, and "weak matches" of people with the same date of birth and last four of social security number.  In both cases, counties are sending letters asking voters to verify their vital status.

Proving, once again, that opposition to cleaning up voter rolls is more about enabling voter fraud than making sure no one is "disenfranchised," a State District Judge issued an injunction against the cleanup.


The linked article talks to people on both sides (actually, it's one of the better articles from the Star Telegram I've seen in quite a while).  What it never gets around to addressing- or addressing very well, is the fact that their primary reason for stopping the enforcement is that people are already engaging in voter fraud.

Pull quote (emphasis mine):
"Even on information you get from probate courts, there might be someone registered to vote who uses a different first name, married name, maiden name. I've seen instances where two people are using the same Social Security number."

Now, unless the Social Security Administration started issuing the same SSN to different people, that means that one of those two people is engaged in active vote fraud.  Doesn't it make sense to weed those out?

Well, not if you're a Democrat, and one of your major voting blocks is the Dead Vote.

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