Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama's Economy: 382,000 Newly Unemployed

This morning, the Department of Labor released this weeks "Initial Unemployment Filing" numbers- that is, the number of people who were employed this time last week who are no longer employed this week.  That number?  An "unexpected" three hundred eighty-two thousand.  Last week's number was revised upwards.  The four week rolling average also ticked upwards.

American can do better than this.  America should do better than this.  Unfortunately, approximately 52% of Americans bought into "Hope" and "Change" four years ago.  Since his inauguration, the SCOAMT has thrown money to his buddies and cronies, he has given away billions of dollars to countries that hate us.  He has imposed a de facto moratorium on off-shore oil drilling, he has kiboshed the Keystone-XL pipeline project.  He has doubled the national debt.  He has run up the annual deficit(!) to over $1,000,000 million dollars.  He has interfered with, and subverted, bankruptcy laws.  He has intimidated corporations.  His party has enacted costly, but useless, regulations on the finance industry.  His Fed Chairman and Treasury team have teamed up to make the dollar virtually worthless with round after round of printing money.

As a result, we have the smallest workforce, by percent of the population, that we've had in decades.  Record numbers of people are unemployed.  Record numbers of people are taking food stamps or other government assistance.  The very forgiving U3 measure of unemployment is at 8.1%.  It would be over 11% if the workforce were the same as it was when he came into office.  The more realistic U6 measure of unemployment hovers near 15%.  Gas prices have doubled.  US median income has plummeted.

In about 6 weeks you will have two options- more of this, or a new direction.

America can do better.  America should do better.  In six weeks, help America do better.

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