Monday, April 23, 2012

Obama Refuses to Address Integrity Concerns Regarding Major Donation Bundler

Corruption In the White House (You're shocked, I know)

 On April 20th, I became aware that Jon Corzine, former New Jersey Governor, Ex-CEO of MF Global, and probable embezzler, is still a major donation bundler for Barack Obama. Now, it should be obvious, but I'll say it anyway- if any Republican had someone of such terrible credentials (how deep in debt was NJ when he left?, What happened to MF Global?) as a campaign bundler, that Republican would be pilloried until they returned the cash and discontinued accepting donations from that source. And it would be right to do so, because such corruption has no place in the United States.

However, the Obama camp seems incredibly disinterested in the appearance of corruption here. The question of whether Jon Corzine embezzled money from MF Global is largely trivial, even if it is not proved in court yet- nor will it be considering the "you-scratch-my-back-I-won't-prosecute-you" nature of the current Department of Justice. However, when you consider his pedigree (if it can be called such) it should be worrying on its face that such a man is working as a campaign bundler for anyone. He left New Jersey so deep in debt that they could see no way out except to elect a Republican (something virtually unheard of in New Jersey). He oversaw the sudden and catastrophic collapse of a major international investment firm- MF Global. These are not resume enhancers, except in the Democrat party.

So, considering the administration's promises of transparency, I decided that they should be allowed to give a defense of the decision to accept these donations. So, not having a phone number I could call, I decided to go to twitter and ask several questions. All of these questions went to three different twitter accounts: @BarackObama, @DavidAxelrod, and @TruthTeam2012. The questions were these:

1) Why is Jon Corzine, disgraced Ex-MF Global CEO Still bundling for Barack Obama?
2) Does Barack Obama think it is appropriate to accept funds for someone responsible for such a collapse.
3) If he does not think it appropriate, will he return the funds?
4) If he will not return the funds, will he at least try to get it back to MF Global's secured creditors?
5) If not, why not?

I asked these questions on April the 20th. As of Monday, April the 23rd I still have not had a response (stunning, right?). So I am forced into the following conclusion: Barack Obama does not think that it is inappropriate to accept funds raised by Jon Corzine, who has succeeded in running the objects of not one, but two chief executive positions into the ground. At least one of those should be heavily investigated, and probably prosecuted, by the Department of Justice- something which is not even being considered, let alone actually done.

Remember that this is the same Barack Obama who promised- promised- to end the "culture of corruption" of the Bush years, and to have the "most transparent administration ever." We were supposed to be able to hold our heads high again. Instead we get cronyism and corruption.

Mr. Obama, it's not too late. You can still return those funds.


  1. Pre-paid Pardons R us? Geez, ya moron! Holder knows all about this from Clinton. (hutch1200)

  2. LOL. Please, share this with your friends. They take exactly this angle with us so often, I thought the turn-about was nice.

  3. Arrogance, thy name is Obama.

  4. BTW.. this jewells45.. I forgot I even had a damn google account.. lucky for you I remembered my password! lol.. love your blog!