Tuesday, April 24, 2012

These Are the People who will be in charge of your Health Care

Via Fox News: A 60 year old post card finally gets delivered.  To the wrong house.  In the wrong State.

Now, the story itself is a feel-good "ahhhh" kind of story.  A little kid's parents send him a post card which got lost in the mail.  It gets delivered some 60 years later, and the current resident of the home tracks down the intended recipient.  Feel good all around, right?  Except, in this case, the post card gets delivered to a house at the wrong address in the wrong State.


Really, USPS?  Sixty some years later, and you can't even double check to make sure you're in the correct State?

And it is exactly this level of competence that Barack Obama (noted stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable tyrant), Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi foisted on you in 2009. 

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