Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Day, Another Assualt on the 2nd Amendment

This article from CNN has to be some of the most biased reporting I've read... all day, anyway.

I think the biggest problem I have with it, is the obvious appeal to emotion over logic- that because we know, in hind-sight, that the person killed was unarmed and likely not really a danger to the shooter, we should believe that he knew that at the time.  CNN should be ashamed of its use of the emotional pain of a family to promote its leftist, anti-self-defense agenda.  The further prejudiciary summation of the Trayvon Martin case just makes it worse: as those George Zimmerman should also have known, at the time, that Trayvon was unarmed.  Despite Zimmerman himself being quite familiar with how easy it is to conceal a weapon.

So while I grieve for the family who lost a child; a brother, I also grieve for the family who is now basically under siege from left-leaning "journalists" like those at CNN who believe they should have no right to self defense.  I grieve for us as Americans for having to defend that right from the likes of CNN and the talking heads they choose to push their agenda.  I grieve for liberty, and justice as both are mocked by the left and twisted into something they are not.

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