Thursday, April 19, 2012

Papers, Please

"He who would sacrifice freedom for a little security deserves neither" -Ben Franklin (attrib)
"Never give up your freedom." -Larry Niven

In recent days, a couple of very disturbing things on the Liberty front have happened, almost without note.

First is this little nugget of a press release.  For those who don't want to click over, the Houston METRO service (along with Houston PD, Harris County Sheriffs, and the TSA) have decided that merely riding on a bus is behavior sufficiently suspicious that uniformed and plain clothes officers should be riding the buses looking for "latent criminal activity."

Second is this precious gem of a 4th Amendment violation from no less than your US Senate (Yes, that's Infowars, but they link to the specific legislation, don't worry).  For those who don't want to click over to that one, starting with the 2015 model year (that would be 2014, for the record) all passenger motor vehicles must have a recording device (like an airplane's 'black box').

Now, what I want to point out about both of these instances is that they're couched so reasonably.  See how seductive the siren's song is.  "It's for your safety."  "The information will remain private."  Ultimately, these come down to the Government saying "Trust us, we know what's best for you."

These are only two examples of a creeping tyrannical state that has been on the rise since at least the late 1930s.  As the Federal Government has seized more control over what should be State and Local functions, the States and Cities have been seizing more control over your personal habits.  As the Federal Government sees the States taking control of things, they, in turn, take control of those things.  It's a never-ending, vicious cycle.  And for decades we've just accepted it.

Well, we shouldn't accept it.  We shouldn't trust the Government- the government has proven too untrustworthy.  From TSA screeners patting down small children, to the Secret Service debauching it up while on assignment with the President, to the State Department illegally extending aid to Egypt.  Obviously the Government does not believe it is accountable for its actions, so what security do we have against it?

It is time for Americans to stand up for our Freedoms and let the Government know that we'll take care of our own personal security.  We don't need Big Sis to watch out for us.  We don't need a police state that has enough manpower to make sure there is a police officer on every bus or train.  We don't want our movements recorded "just in case."  We're big boys and girls, and we can be responsible for ourselves.

To our Senators and Congressmen (especially those from Texas, of whom I am a constituent), I call on you to reject these over-reaches of Governmental authority.  Reduce government and give me back my freedom.  Or it won't be too long before the phrase "Papers, please" will be a common command to US Citizens.

For the rest of you- contact your Senators and Congressmen.  Contact your State and Local Governments.  This continuing overreach cannot stand.

(ht- commenter 'Vic' at the Ace of Spades HQ)


  1. Good stuff, Allen.

    1. Thank you.

      Please tell your friends.
      Or your enemies.
      Or your friends' enemies.