Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not a Dollar's Worth of Difference? You're Mistaken.

Via Fox News, but written by the AP, comes this article.

It's fairly even handed, actually, though I feel it necessary to correct some of the fairly obvious bias.

So, here's one example.

The first position they discuss is "Abortion Rights."  It's funny how "Abortion Rights" never seem to include the rights of that yet-to-be-born child, but anyway, here's what the article says about Mitt Romney:

Romney: Opposes abortion rights. Previously supported them. Says state law should guide abortion rights, and Roe v. Wade should be reversed by a future Supreme Court. Said he would end federal aid to Planned Parenthood.

Right there at the beginning, it gives it away.  Romney does not oppose "abortion rights."  He opposes "abortion on demand."  He opposes giving abortions to minors without informing their parents.  Mostly he opposes (he says) a Federal structure for abortion law, and would return it to the States.

More important, however, look at how this is phrased: He "opposes abortion rights."  You see, ladies, you have a Right- given to you by God (or the Universe, or whatever) to have an abortion.  And, because it is a Right, and not a privilege,  the Government must secure that right- to the point of forcing people who object to abortion to help you pay for it, if you can't afford one one your own.

There's far too much to quote in a blog post, but go read the whole thing- keeping in the front of your mind the bias held by the writers.  Note where Obama is given praise for things he's "accomplished" even when those things are negative, and the general negative tone on Romney's positions.

But, more importantly, pay attention to the actual substance of the positions themselves.  We are dealing with two fundamentally different world-views in this election.  You have a choice between Neo-Marxism, and the Capitalist system which has lead this country to be the most prosperous in the world.


  1. chique d'afriqueMay 1, 2012 at 7:51 PM

    Great post. I myself wasn't comfortable with Romney in the beginning but he seems to be getting better with time. And, darn it, the SCOAMF must go! Anyone who says the two are no different must be suffering from severe brain damage or must be completely and utterly ignorant.

    1. Honestly, I'm still not comfortable with Romney, and I'm giving him provisional trust, at most. But you can't say, with a straight face, that they're the same. And it drives me nuts that people say so.