Monday, May 14, 2012

And We Helped These People

Sunday morning, Mexican police were tipped to, and discovered, 49 bodies with heads, hands, and feet removed dumped along a stretch of highway some 75 miles south of the Texas/Mexico border.  Forty-three men and six women were brutally murdered and mutilated.  The Zeta drug cartel has claimed responsibility for the gruesome act.

That's all information you'll get elsewhere.  What you won't find elsewhere is this: the United States Department of Justice helped.  The Department of Justice gun-walking program, Fast and Furious, not only has directly resulted in over 300 murders, including two US Citizens, one of those Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, it has also served to strengthen the Mexican Cartels.  By supplying them guns and ammunition, we have strengthened them while destabilizing the Mexican Government's hold on the drug trade.

Yes, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have this blood on their hands, too.  If we had agreed to assist the Mexican Government instead of trying to run around them, they might have already made some better headway against the cartels.  Instead, we've emboldened the cartels- terrorist organizations in every meaningful sense of the word- and weakened the Mexican government.  Meanwhile, the war is spilling over the border.

There are areas in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona with signs posted telling American citizens not to go there.  In addition to strengthening the cartels' positions in Mexico, we've made them more able to strike into the United States.  I don't have current statistics, but Phoenix, Arizona was the kidnap capitol of the world for a while not too long ago.  Bullets fired in Ciudad Juarez end up in El Paso, TX.  Drug cartels essentially control some of the border lakes and water-ways.  And all of this goes back to Eric Holder and his Department of Justice.

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