Friday, May 11, 2012

Why the Police State Matters: Barack Obama's Enemies List

Readers of this blog know I have a semi-regular series of posts "The Growing Police State," in which I chronicle the further intrusion into our private lives by the Government.  I don't actually go looking for those stories- in fact, I often have to choose which ones to highlight.

Today reminds me why I do so, however.  This piece, from Kim Strassel with the Wall Street Journal, highlights positively chilling behavior by the Democrat political machine.

In January, the Obama Campaign "outed" several donors to Mitt Romney.  These are private citizens guilty of nothing more than opposing Mr. Obama's re-election.  Yet they were highlighted, targeted, by the Obama Campaign to punish them for supporting Mr. Romney, and to intimidate future potential donors.  Far worse than President Nixon's "Enemies List," which was simply foolish, this is has evolved into an attempt to fully destroy at least one of the men on Mr. Obama's own "enemies list."

It is no secret that I believe Barack Hussein Obama to be a tyrant.  I believe he sees himself not as "presiding" over the United States, but ruling it.  His actions speak for him.  He has violated written law by interfering in bankruptcy proceedings.  He has violated written law by sending foreign aid money to countries banned from receiving same.  He attempts to rule by fiat, and has appointed extra-constitutional officers and given them Cabinet-like powers.

And now he is targeting private citizens.

I don't care who you are: this cannot stand.  This is not a mere partisan matter.  This transcends Republican and Democrat, or it should.  This is not about mere politics, but about the President of the United States using the resources of a major political party to target private citizens for reprisal.

US House of Representatives and Senate, this means you.  You have the power to reign in this tyranny.  You must do so, if you love this Republic which our forefathers have built.

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