Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey, WI Dems. What gives?

You submitted over 900,000 signatures that the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (I'll wait until my readers stop laughing.  No.  Really.  Stop laughing.) declared valid, and yet less than 700,000 of you bothered to show up for your primary?  Actually, even less than that.  By some estimates, less than 570,000 of you showed up to the polls yesterday.  What gives?

I mean, it couldn't possibly be that the Unions didn't actually get enough valid signatures, and the GAB rushed the process so that Walker's teams couldn't discover all the false and fraudulent signatures.  So why so few of you? 

Is it that you like the fact that Wisconsin is finally climbing out of the fiscal hole your party has been digging?  Is it that you've come to realize that job growth is a good thing, especially in the current economic climate?  Are you finally realizing that paying teachers less per teacher means you can keep more teachers on the payroll?  What is it?

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