Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Growing Police State: Urinal Edition

From the Daily Caller comes an article highlighting new stupidity from the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Whatever you think about the benefits or motivations behind the ADA, one cannot deny they cost our businesses money, and make things evermore difficult for them.  In this case, now they have to "protect" people who are shy about urinating around others.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen on this one, I'd think) being "gun shy" is now a "disability" for which your employer must provide "reasonable accommodation."  Now, currently, they're talking about drug-tests.  The theory goes that taking a drug-test with someone in the room infringes on the rights of people with paruresis- the in ability to take a leak when someone else is watching.

Now, the issue here is not paruresis.  Though, the not-so-slippery slope there is this: how long before someone so "afflicted" claims the right to a private bathroom?  No, the point is the ADA itself.  Specifically the fact that they are now including "bladder and brain functions as major life activities."  That sounds so reasonable.  It sounds so "fair."  In reality, it means that almost anyone can get a doctor to sign off on some disability and force their employer to provide "reasonable accommodation," a thing which is rarely actually reasonable.

Have a phobia of the sun?  Well, that's brain activity, so now your 8 - 5 employer must allow you to work overnight.  Never mind that they have no need for a night-shift, and that it's more problematic for them to come up with something for you to do than just to let you go- nope, now you're protected by the ADA. 

Now, I completely understand having wheelchair ramps and elevators for the physically disabled.  I understand having alternative input devices on computers.  But those things allow you to hire someone who will still provide value.  How many "phobias" and "disorders" will employers now have to "accommodate" despite the fact doing so actively costs them money?  This is stupid.  This is, once again, the Government deciding it knows better than you do how to run your life, or, in this case, your business.

If ever it had a purpose (I have my doubts), the ADA has served them.  At this point, it simply regulates just to validate its own existence.  It is time remove it.

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