Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Growing Police State: #BrettKimberlin v Aaron Walker Edition

The Saga of Brett Kimberlin continues.  Today, Aaron Walker (the blogger known as Aaron Worthing) had a hearing on a Peace Order filed by Brett Kimberlin.  In the wake of Friday's "Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day," it appears that the Maryland Judge has sided with Mr. Kimberlin, and agrees that Mr. Kimberlin is in reasonable fear for his safety, and that Mr. Walker is responsible for that.  Check in with RS McCain for updates- he's been a veritable bulldog on this since he became involved.

My problem with this ruling is two-fold.  First off, no blogger in their own posts (at least, none that I saw) said anything menacing.  Is Mr. Walker now to be held accountable for comments on posts that aren't even on his blog?  That sets a bad precedent.  Second, why is it not okay to discuss the fact that a major Left-wing activist and fundraiser, who is supported by the likes of Convicted Felon and Nazi-Collaborator George Soros also happens to be a convicted domestic terrorist?  That also would seem to set a bad precedent.

Further, why has the DA in Maryland not investigated Mr. Walker's claims that Mr. Kimberlin attempted to frame him for a crime.  Let me be clear here, this is not a case, from what we can tell, of the DA's office examining the available evidence and saying, "Sorry, there's not enough here."  They have simply refused even to investigate, from what we can tell.  Why?

On the other hand, why was Mr. Walker representing himself?  He had already learned the folly of that, I'd thought, so why do it?

In any case, this ruling looks like pure hokum, and would be bad enough on its own: but why was Mr. Walker taken into custody?  What happened that got him arrested?  Stay tuned to The Other McCain for updates there.

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