Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Growing Police State- Your Waistline Edition

It.  Never.  Ends.

The Institute of Medicine (nice pretentious name there, guys) has decided that you are not capable of making your own food and lifestyle choices, so the Government must mandate your lifestyle.

Now, this would be laughable were it not for ObamaCare.  You see, the moment the State provides your health insurance, the State is responsible for the state of your health.  That means the State has a vested (and fiduciary) interest in your lifestyle.  Further, since they are in charge of your health insurance, they can issue rules all day long regarding anything you do.

ObamaCare changes US Citizens into Subjects.  This is but one of the logical consequences of that.  What is next?  Smoking?  Drinking?  Bacon?

Heck there are health ramifications in how often you engage in sex.  So are we going to have to submit proof of how often we're doing that?  Where does it end?

This is why it is so vital that ObamaCare be overturned.  But that will not be enough.  The States must also stand up and fully repudiate the Federal Government on this and say, "Never again."  It must happen, or some government bureaucrat really will be telling you to "eat your peas."

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