Friday, May 18, 2012

And We Lose To These People!

So, for anyone not following along with MA politics (I can't blame you, I only do because people at the AoSHQ do), the woman who has been hailed as the Democrat Destined To Take Back Ted Kennedy's Seat is one Elizabeth Warren, AKA Fauxcahontas, AKA Liarwatha.  You see, back when she was hired as a professor at Harvard, and probably before, she claimed to be Native American.  This alone set off a bit of a controversy which I shall not completely recount here.  Let's leave it at this: Winston Churchill was probably more Native American than Fauxcahontas.

And this was a kind of fun story.  It was even better, because she apparently didn't realize the first rule of holes (if you don't want it bigger, stop digging).  And so we got a claim about "family lore," and "1/32 Cherokee," and a few other things.  It was kind of funny in a "train-wreck" sort of way.

Then we found out, apparently as part of her ongoing deception (seriously, her Indian name would have to be "Disappears In Snow"), she published some Recipes in a "Traditional Cherokee Recipe Book" called (not kidding) 'Pow Wow Chow.'

At this point, we have the makings of a rather cute, if sort of over the top Saturday Night Live skit.  You can just see Fauxcahotas (played by... oh, Tina Fey, but she's less white than Elizabeth "Goes to Casino" Warren), sitting there being rather obviously not Native American, and saying things like "How.  Me no likum White Man Food.  Try this traditional Cherokee Dish: Beef Wellington."  It would be over-the-top and perhaps slightly tacky, but that's it.

Now, we get to the absurd part: let's say (in our skit) that she tried to claim the Beef Wellington as her own recipe.  Absolutely insisted on it.  Swore on a stack of Bibles.  At that point, it would be way over the top, and people would start saying, "Naaa... It was kind of funny, but it went too far."  That would be a fair criticism, too.

But that's just what she did.  Her recipes for the Pow Wow Chow cookbook were apparently plagiarized from an article published in at the Virgin Islands Daily News in August of 1979.  These two "traditional" recipes were, "Cold Omelets with Crab Meat" and "Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise."  Because the Cherokee were well known for their refrigeration techniques and crab fisheries.  Or something.

All of that is funny.  It's hilarious.  Until you think of one thing: assuming she somehow manages to win the upcoming Primary election and be named the nominee- there is an almost even chance that she will still win the election in November.

A lot less funny now, isn't it?

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