Thursday, May 10, 2012

Really, Rep Matsui? How dumb do you think we are?

So, today, the Democrats rolled out another mockable (mock, mock, mock) twitter hashtag: #AskDems.  This was for some "virtual town-hall" (the only kind they like ever since their constituents actually started showing up and asking questions).

I submitted a few- mostly purely mocking, but some semi-legit.  One was this:

If the economy is doing better, why are there still ~500K fewer people employed today than Jan 2009?

Which got the response:

It's a deep hole we were in & still working our way out, which is why investing in education, job-training is so critical

From Representative Doris Matsui (@RepDorisMatsui for those who wish to mock her).

Really? Representative?  That's your answer?  "It's a deep hole?"

Barack Obama "Inherited" an economy on par with what Ronald Reagan "Inherited" from Jimmy Carter.  In many respects it was much better off.

Because of his policies, and 2 years of Democrat control of the White House and Congress, we spiked to 10%+ (official) unemployment.  Written law was subverted, and the ability for the economy to right itself was disrupted.

With the Tea Party uprising of 2010, we've put a bake on some of the worse ideas, but that's about all.

You OWN the economy, Democrats.  Every lost job, every foreclosed home, every bankrupt business: you own them.  Why should I listen to you on anything?

But, to take you at your word: "Investing in education" does not require that the tax-payer be on the hook for loans taken so someone could study African Tribal Bongo Evolution.  Investing in job-training does no good if the jobs for which people are trained don't exist.

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  1. We need to save the jobs we now have such as the Post Office which covers it's costs with income, at least until 2006 when Congress passed PAEA which mandated that the USPS fund 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10,
    HR2309 and S1789 propose cutting 100,000 jobs and mail service to the public.

    Do view the 2 minute Video which explains why these 2 bills would create problems and solve none of what they claim they will do.