Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When You Can Reasonably Mistake 'Million' for 'Billion,' Something is Wrong

Over at the Ace of Spades HQ (permalinked in my side-bar), on one of the threads we got to discussing President Obama's Health Care law, and the fact that it guts $500 Billion from Medicare (all the while, Democrats are screaming that Republicans want to end Medicare.  Go figure.).  When that point of discussion first came up, I said 'Million.'  That was a mistake of memory, not of typing, for me.  I had simply forgotten the enormity of the cut to Medicare.

Now, consider that both of those numbers are believable numbers.  Consider further, that most people would see $500 Million as a very, very deep cut in spending.  But the number is $500 Billion.  As one commenter said "$500 Million is a pitance[sic]." 

In this day of Trillion Dollar deficits, in this day of a $16 Trillion, and counting, national debt, it is all too easy to look at $500 Million dollars as a pittance.  How disgusting.  It is immoral in the extreme for our government to so burden us, our children, and our grand-children to the n-th generation.

Our Government does far too much.  It spends too much money on things where it has no business.  It intervenes in areas it has no authority.  It continues to grow like a parasite devouring its host.  This must end.

The election in November will not be about ending this monstrosity of a Government, but it will be about checking it's growth, or about accelerating.  The election in November will be about whether or not we continue to heap mountains of debt on our posterity, or if we "tap the breaks" and attempt to get things under control.  But the war will not be won in November, even if we win the battle.  It will take many battles, each exerting a little more control on the Government.

Make no mistake, however:  We are fighting for Liberty.  The current war is not one fought with guns.  It will not have a body count (God willing).  It will not have historic battlegrounds.  It is a war all the same, and we must fight it.  And, given that we have true compassion for people, and therefore limits on how far we will go at any one time, we must when numerous battles to regain a little lost ground.  Our opponents must only win one to move us far closer to the slavery of socialism.

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