Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Growing Police State: Malignant Zoning Edition

I mostly understand zoning laws.  I really do.  You don't want a factory that's going to be belching out smoke all day to be right in the middle of a residential district, for instance.  You don't want a strip-club right next to an elementary school.  These things make sense.  But why would you restrict zoning where there are no people?

In Ventura County, California, that's exactly what they're doing.  They've already prohibited the building of anything new out in the rural areas.  We can't have those nasty people intruding on those cute, cuddly dessert dwellers, can we?  But now they're going a step beyond that: they citing zoning infractions for buildings that don't exist.  In the linked article, they specifically mention an "unlisenced chicken coop" which the owner of the property says doesn't exist. (Side question: unlicensed chicken coop?  really?)

The only explanation I have for this is that Ventura County officials are radically anti-human.  Yes, I mean that.  They are a part of the cult that believes that humans are evil and dirty.  They believe we are a cancer upon the earth and that we should all die off.  Obviously what they actually believe is that everyone else should die off, since they never volunteer to lead the way.

This is a gross misuse of the original purpose of zoning laws, and in direct opposition to what the Founders intended.  Ventura County, if what you want is to drive everyone away, you're on the right path.  Be careful what you wish for, though, because you might get it.

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