Friday, May 25, 2012

An Open Letter to Representative Joe Barton (R - TX-6) About #BrettKimberlin

Dear Representative Barton.

The case of one Brett Kimberlin has come to my attention, and I felt I should bring it to yours.  Specifically, I believe you should know that Mr. Kimberlin is the Principle for two 501(c) Organizations: Velvet Revolution and the Justice Through Music Project. 

First, a little about me.  I am a resident of Arlington, TX and (for the purposes of this letter) I blog at  I was a member of your Citizen's Congress exercise in 2009 (you may remember me as Not-Lloyd-Doggett), and I have written your office on multiple occasions.  This letter will be an open letter, also published at the blog already listed.

Now, a little bit about Brett Kimberlin.  Brett Kimberlin is a convicted domestic terrorist and perjurer, as well as a known former drug smuggler, and is suspected of having ties to a murder.  Mr. Kimberlin is the so-called "Speedway Bomber," responsible for setting off 8 bombs in Speedway, IN in 1978.  One of those brutally maimed a man and injured his wife.  Years later that man would commit suicide; his family and friends maintain it was from his lingering (permanent) injuries. 

More recently, Mr. Kimberlin has engaged in so-called "lawfare" against a number of mostly-conservative bloggers who, for various reasons, had come to notice him and his ties to the two foundations listed above.  This lawfare includes frivolous lawsuits and court orders.  In less legal activities, he is believed to be behind threats to several of these same bloggers, including a so-called "SWATting" of LA Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey, who blogs as "Paterico," and an attempt to frame another blogger for assault (see:

The reason I bring this to your attention is twofold. 

First, I believe that these 501(c) organizations should be investigated to ensure they are in full compliance with the law.  Additionally, I believe that 501(c) organizations, in general, should have to comply with two requirements (if they are not so required, I believe this should change): First that they should be made to certify that their principles, officers, and employees not be engaging in any type of harassment, intimidation, or attempt to limit free speech- as Mr. Kimberlin is doing.  Second, that their principles and officers not be allowed to represent themselves 'pro se' in court, unless they can also prove themselves indigent.  To some extent, Mr. Kimberlin's tactics are aided by the fact that, despite being fairly wealthy, he his representing himself in these frivolous lawsuits.  As someone without a license to practice law, that makes it very hard to censure him for these cases.

Second, I believe that Mr. Kimberlin's full criminal record, starting with his first perjury conviction at age 18, be read into the Congressional Record.  The primary reasoning Mr. Kimberlin gives for his lawfare is that statements about his past criminal activity are defamatory.  Never mind that they are already a matter of public record, he asserts they were long enough ago that they should not "count."  Obviously his understanding of the law is flawed, but his story seems to carry enough merit that his filings are causing conservative commentators to expend much time and resources on fighting them.  If his record were a matter of Congressional Record, it should be much easier to have such cases dismissed with less effort- and therefore less time and expense.

As a citizen journalist myself, I hope that you will take this matter seriously.  Mr. Kimberlin has threatened men and their families.