Thursday, May 10, 2012

President Votes-Present Takes Non-Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday, President Barack Obama (noted Stuttering Clusterf*ck of a Miserable Tyrant and eater of dog) came out (ahem) in favor of Gay Marriage.  Or did he?  In his statement, he said "For me personally, I think same-sex marriage should be legal."  He then proceeded to kick the issue to the States.

There are a few problems with the statement.  Here are the ones I noticed, feel free to add more in the comments (hint).

1) Federalism.
Barack Obama is an anti-Federalist.  He does not believe in State power.  He doesn't believe the States have the power to initiate their own health care policies.  He does not believe that States have the power to decide how they will enforce Federal Immigration Law.  He does not even believe that localities can handle local police matters without his direct intervention (Louis "Skip" Gates, Trayvon Martin). 

Now, on this issue, he suddenly believes in States Rights?  Seriously?  Unlike health care, there is an actual argument to be made that says the Federal Government should have a say in marriage.  It's not one with which I agree, but I've heard it and it doesn't fall completely on its face.  So why would this issue, among all issues, suddenly be a State issue?

2) For Him "Personally"
"Personally?"  Isn't he the President?  Was not the entire point of the interview to stake a claim and say, "Here I stand?"  And, yet, he chooses a wishy-washy phraseology that allows him to say, "but we're all just folks; folks can disagree."  He chose a manner of speech that allows him to say one thing, but act differently.

Why would he do that?  Why pick such equivocal language?

The answer, of course, is that, as usual, the President is voting "Present."  He's lying to both groups. 

Gays, he's lying to you.  If he supported Same-Sex Marriage, he (a confirmed anti-Federalist) would not say it is a States' issue.  He might explain why he can't pursue it Federally, but he would not say the States should get to choose.  He just doesn't think that way.  He would never cede what he views as Federal Power to the States, except to save himself.  Because, above all, Barack Obama is not only a stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable tyrant and an eater of dog, he's also a narcissist.

Blacks, he's lying to you, too.  By coming out this way, he's signalling to the homosexual community that he will not oppose, and will at least tacitly support, their continued assault on the traditional family.  You, beyond all other demographic groups, should understand the perils of destroying the traditional family.  This statement of his gives the Gay Lobby more cover, and more enthusiasm, to continue to attempt to redefine marriage.

In short, Barack Obama made a non-statement yesterday.  He's simultaneously trying to say that he agrees with Same-Sex Marriage, but that he won't actually support it.  Yesterday's "interview" was a classic example of Barack Obama attempting to have it both ways on an issue.  Don't let him succeed.  Make him tell you where he really stands- and back it up with action.

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