Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberal.

May 1, 2003.  After personally landing an aircraft on a moving aircraft carrier, then President George W Bush addressed the officers and crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln.  In his speach, he thanked them, honored them, and praised them for a "mission accomplished," and a job well done.  Immediately, Democrats started screaming and screeching about "politicizing the war."  As the war in Iraq continued, President Bush was often hounded for the speech, despite the fact he never once said the mission in Iraq was over, simply that the mission of the Abe Lincoln was over.  Even then, he allowed as how they'd have another mission soon enough.

Flash forward 9 years to the day.  May 1, 2012.  Barack Obama flies into Afghanistan in secret.  There he poses for photo ops as though he's addressing the troops, and gives a speech at 4 AM local time, again, on the premise of addressing the troops.  At no time did he praise the troops, beyond trite stock phrases.  More to the point: no troops were actually allowed to see the speech, nor were they actually with the President at any time. 

Yet we hear no cries of "politicizing the war," from the Left now.  Instead we get spot-on analysis such as Chris "Tingles" Matthews attempting to compare Barack Obama with King Henry V.  We hear no consternation of "spiking the football," though Obama uses the personal pronoun far more often in one speech than his predecessor ever did.  Where George Bush heaped praise and honor on the men and women who had made the mission a success, Barack Obama claims all credit and honor for himself.

One of these men is a man of honor.  The other is a malignant narcissist glory-hound.  The Democrat reaction shows them for who they are as well.

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