Thursday, March 7, 2013

Democrats to Gun Owners: You're Insane

That's the underlying assumption behind this proposed "gun control" bill from Florida.  The short version is that they believe anyone who wants to buy ammunition has anger management problems, and should have to undergo anger management courses.

Now, I've alluded to this kind of thinking before, but I cannot explain how powerful this type of thing is.  The new push for gun control is that people who want guns are crazy, and should therefore be disqualified from ever owning a weapon.

This is a very powerful argument for those who are uninformed.  "Well, of course, anyone who wants a gun must be considering violence, why else would they want a gun?"  Responsible gun owners, of course, know that is not the case.  Responsible gun owners are much more likely to walk away from a conflict than non-gun owners.  We understand the heavy burden that goes with gun ownership.

Now, this law is especially insidious for two reasons.  First, it enacts a de facto gun-ban unless you get psychological help every 10 years.  Of course, the National Democrats' next step is to make anyone who has ever sought psychological help ineligible to own a gun.  Funny how those would work together.  Second, it reinforces the idea in the minds of the populace at large that people who own guns are exceptionally violent and should be feared.  It's the same drive behind all the kids getting suspended for doing things like pointing their fingers at someone like a gun, or biting their sandwiches into the shape of a gun (yes, those are both real stories). 

Conservative Legislators cannot content themselves with merely defeating this kind of legislation.  They must make it a laughing-stock.  They must so thoroughly debunk it that no one dares bring it up again.  Why?  Because that is the only way to fight the cultural indoctrination that is Democrats' real objective.  Democrats are smart enough to know that if they moved to take our guns they would be opposed.  So they hope to make people give up their guns willingly- both by making it especially onerous to own a gun in the first place, and to make you appear "weird," "unbalanced," or "violent" by society if you are known to be a gun owner.

Once they have made that image stick in the minds of the public, they believe they can then move openly to confiscate guns.  And, yes, I know they'll deny that.  They'd be stupid not to.  I ask you not to look at their words, but their actions and the logical consequences thereof.


  1. Great post. Confiscation will be like death by 1,000 cuts. Few people pray more than CCW holders that they will never have to excersize their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. My moral struggle to carry came down to the fact that I want to live, more than the possible guilt that may come w/taking a d-bags life, to save my own. When wife+kids came along my conviction to only DEFEND us was cemented.

    1. BTW, I bookmarked this site. I found it from a link by those morons at Ace of Spades. Really good info and common sense commentary. W/O all those "Ivy League" words that only our elite, betters (than us)...use. A good working mans blog. Keep up the good work!