Monday, March 25, 2013

Pioneer Project: Producing Projectiles

The first Project of the Pioneer Project has been decided upon: reloading.  Short version: see that pay-pal link over at the side?  Send it some cash.

Long version:
I will be getting the operation off the ground (if off the ground it can be gotten).  But there are lots of things that need to happen to make it legit (and not just a way for you to fund a fun new hobby of mine). 

First, there's an LLC.  If this is going to be for the Project, then it needs to be a seperate entity from any specific person in The Pioneer Project. 

Second, there's an FFL.  Well, really it's a quasi-FFL.  You don't need the full FFL just to sell ammunition, but you do need a Federal Permit which is quite like an FFL.

That paperwork costs money. 

Then you actually get into the practicum of re/loading ammunition.  Since I'm new at this, we'll be starting small.  I figure if I can produce 500 rounds per week pretty quickly, I'll be doing pretty good.  But there's equipment to be purchased- both durable equipment (like the press, dies, and so forth) and consumables (like brass, bullets, and powder).

Once I'm up and running, I'll expand.  Then I'll sell re/loaded ammunition to, well to anyone, but Pioneer Project members get first dibs.

So click that pay-pal "donate" link, and toss some coin our way.  It might well be a better investment than your stocks and bonds.

I've received at least one request for a detailed breakdown on what your money gets you.

Below is a list of approximate costs.  The Pioneer Project will be getting an LLC as soon as possible.  Assuming the rest of the money comes together, we already have someone willing to donate both the legal time and the filing fee.

Manual Press150.00
Die Sets120.00
Case Trimmer100.00
Case Tumbler60.00

In addition, there will be consumable materials- brass, primers, bullets, etc. I'm either going to start with .38/.357 or .45 Colt as I've been told it's better to start with revolver rounds until one is more comfortable with the process and getting precise length completed cartridges.


  1. Any idea what the total capital needed to get started up? Meaning equipment and license?

    I feel like a slightly more detailed breakdown of costs could elicit more response.

  2. Going with a turret press? Probably the best option if you are going to be doing this as a commercial type enterprise, a single-stage will take way too long.

    I've thrown a few bucks in the pot, when you get around to doing .45ACP let me know. :D

  3. How can I email you? I can donate some starting supplies. Brass, maybe some dies.

    1. My email is in the "About Me" blurb on the website. But, since that's not super obvious-