Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Pioneer Project

The Declaration of Independence could describe modern times.  So could the Texas Declaration of Independence.  The Federal Government ignores the Constitution whenever, wherever, and however it wants.  The productive class is required to subsidize the unproductive class.  Hard work, far from being rewarded, is seen as some kind of greed or hate.  The desire to protect ones family, rather than being common sense, is painted as some kind of mental disease.

Liberal Politicians (from both Parties) seek to destroy your liberties.  The Media assists them.  From newscasts to weekly TV series American values are mocked and derided.  Things our parents would have been ashamed to see, let alone to do, are shown not only as though they are normal, but as if they are laudatory.

You don't agree with the status quo.  You still believe in hard work.  You still believe that the first place someone should look for support is family, then Church, then community.  You believe that the Rule of Law is still important.

You are not alone.  Millions of Americans still believe in hard work and family.  Millions of Americans still believe in the Promise of Liberty.

But what can we do against the status quo?  How can we fight back to regain our Liberties and reassert our values?

Let me introduce you to the Pioneer Project.  Like our spiritual ancestors- the American Pioneers- we believe in hard work, liberty, and opportunity.  Your life will be as rich, or as poor, as you make

The purpose of the Pioneer Project is three-fold.

(1) The primary mission is to provide material and financial assistance to any member attempting to set their proverbial stake in the ground and get to work.

(2)The second mission is to provide training and intellectual assistance to anyone, member or otherwise, who also wants to go on their own.

(3) The third mission is to connect all these individuals in a community of trust and mutual ambition.


  1. Link takes me to a login page.

  2. Yeah, we kinda want to know who you are first before we open the door.

  3. Well, signed up. Apparently that's the only way to find out anything substantial about it.