Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pioneer Project: Producing Projectiles Why Me?

You could take that question one of two ways.

If I'm asking it (that is, I'm saying, "Why me?" or you're saying, "Why you?") the answer is fairly simple- someone had to take this thing from a "plan to have a plan" stage to a "plan that we're trying to implement" stage.  And I volunteered.

If you're asking it (that is, You're saying "Why me?"), the answer is a little more difficult.  Why should you trust me, Some Internet Guy, with your hard-earned money?  Why should you care about this endeavor?

And I could answer "you have to trust someone," but a) that's not very helpful and b) it's not true.

So let's see if I can provide and answer that is both more helpful and true.

Either you believe that we're in dire straights in this country, or you don't.  If you don't, then read no further- there is no reason (beyond any generosity you may be feeling) to help us with the Pioneer Project.  If you do, however, then you have to ask yourself what you are going to do about it.

The sad fact is that "our" politicians do not listen to us because they are not "our" politicians.  They work for themselves and their own power (which is hardly surprising, however disappointing it may be).  Their power and privilege are best served by serving a variety of paymasters, none of whom are you and me.  This is even true of our political leaders who aren't supposed to be politicans (*ahem*SCOTUS*ahem*).

A further fact is that a reckoning is coming.  I don't know whether it's coming next week, next month, next year, or next decade.  I do know it's coming.  I further know that it isn't getting any further away.  It will never be longer until the reckoning occurs than it is today.

And that scares me.

So I and others on the Ace of Spades site proposed this project- a combining of efforts to see like-minded people through the hard times when that reckoning occurs.  But that project requires certain things- among them resources (particularly monetary and material).  Now, there are various ways we could get those resources, but we like the "self-reliance" model.

That is, we plan to provide a product that people want and sell it for a price they will pay.  Yes, this hand-loading endeavor will be "mine."  I (exclusively) will operate it at least in the early days.  Hopefully it will expand.  But a fair portion of the profits from that endeavor will be channeled back into the Pioneer Project to fund other people's projects.

Maybe you want to start a farm-to-market truck in a rural or semi-rural area.  The more resources we have, the better we can help you do that.

So I'm not asking you to give me money.  I'm asking you to invest in your future, and that of your family. 

Think it over.


  1. Nice, well no seriously why you? Land. The main thing is I fear and am in fact convinced that at some point too many in the firearms and ammo business are gonna cave to the feds on things and the skill is vital enough I want to do the "conservative" thing and use my money to keep it alive. They will not stop, and they will never have had enough of the good pasta on the table to say 'enough.'

    I advocate our breaking no law and engaging in no lunacy, but I also am in favor of our community having the skills needed to keep the power to say "no."

    Keep us up to date on the progress of licensure Allen and if/when the time comes we can get the thing going to fill in some niches in the C&R firearm community.

    The C+R style sutrplus guns are cheap but seldom cheaply made and their ammo needs are underserviced.

    Sounds like a good niche to me.

  2. Can you be more specific on the project? What exactly is it doing?