Monday, November 26, 2012

Denis Kucinich- Good Riddance

Among the wise decisions made in Redistricting in 2010 was the decision of the Ohio Legislature to redistrict Denis Kucinich out of a seat in the House.  As if he's determined to prove that, Mr. Kucinich seems to be doubling down on some typical Democrat idiocy.

Today, Politifact, which should really have its own laugh-track, has a piece out trying to paper over some stupid statements by Mr. Kucinich.  Despite their desperate flailing, however, they miss some important things.  Now, I really recommend you go read the whole thing.  Everyone needs a laugh once in a while.  But I'd like to focus on one particular piece of stupidity from Mr. Kucinich:

"The way the federal funding system works," Kucinich said, "is that if we give a tax break in one place, we need to replace that lost income from somewhere else, like with higher taxes from the rest of us. In other words, this tax break is a massive subsidy for the junk food and fast food industry."

This is typical Liberal ignorance.  It has, as its premise, the same idea that has been opposed here and other places many times- that the Government is the right and proper owner of all the wealth of the nation, and that it merely deigns to let us keep part of what we earn.  This is a dangerous idea, besides being inherently tyrannical.  It's tyrannical, because it views the citizenry as slaves of the State.  It's dangerous for two reasons.  First, if the State succeeds in making that the basic premise of all tax, and therefore all government, policy, then it will drive wealth producers away, meaning there's less wealth in the first place.  Second, the only logical conclusion from that premise is that Government must confiscate all wealth, and dole it out "fairly" to the citizenry.  Besides a quick collapse, this is likely to lead to a real, bullets flying, people dying revolution.

The Government does not own any wealth.  It must take what is uses from the produce of its citizenry, seizing some portion of their wealth.  While taxation in some form is necessary, it should not be confused with being right, or good.  Giving tax breaks for certain activity does not deprive the government of money, it abstains from appropriating that wealth from the private sector.

Whatever else Kucinich said- and it was all stupid- it all breaks down because of this one fatally flawed premise.

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